Customizing file browsing behavior in GNOME

By default, GNOME uses the Nautilus file manager, which opens a new window each time you open a
folder. You can change this behavior to use one window with Forward and Back buttons.

To change this, double-click on Computer on the desktop, click Edit and then Preferences. You can
also select Places > Computer > Edit > Preferences from the menu panel. Click the Behavior tab
and click on the box next to the text Always open in browser windows.

Customizing file browsing behavior in KDE

By default, KDE uses the Dolphin file manager. To modify the appearance of Dolphin windows, open
the program by clicking the Kickoff Application Launcher > Applications > System > File Manager
icon for Dolphin. At the top of the Dolphin window, click Settings > Configure Dolphin. The tabs in
the Dolphin Preferences window allow you to specify the folder that Dolphin displays when it starts,
the size of the icons it displays, the font it uses to label icons, and many other options.