Importing your new key in Launchpad

Step 1: Launchpad identifies your OpenPGP key by its fingerprint. In your terminal, you can ask GPG for your key’s fingerprint by typing:

gpg --fingerprint

GPG will display a message similar to:

pub   1024D/12345678 2007-01-26
      Key fingerprint = 0464 39CD 2486 190A 2C5A  0739 0E68 04DC 16E7 CB72
uid                  Matthew Revell (My test OpenPGP key) <>
sub   2048g/ABCDEF12 2007-01-26

Highlight and copy only the numeric fingerprint: 0464 39CD 2486 190A 2C5A  0739 0E68 04DC 16E7 CB72 in the example above.

Step 2: Visit your OpenPGP keys page

Step 3: Paste the fingerprint that you copied in step 1 into the Fingerprint text-box, then click the Import Key button. Launchpad will use the fingerprint to check the Ubuntu key server for your key and, if successful, send you an encrypted email asking you to confirm the key import.

Step 4: Check the email account that Launchpad has sent the confirmation email to. If your email client supports OpenPGP encryption, it will prompt you for the password you chose for the key when GPG generated it. Enter the password, then click the link to confirm that the key is yours.

{i} Quick tip: Launchpad encrypts the email, using your public key, so that it can be sure that the key is yours. If your email software doesn’t support OpenPGP encryption, copy the encrypted email’s contents, type gpg in your terminal, then paste the email contents into your terminal window.

Step 6: Back on the Launchpad website, click the Confirm button and Launchpad will complete the import of your OpenPGP key.

Launchpad will confirm that it has imported your key.

{i} Note: If you created the key id using an email address not registered in your Launchpad account, click confirm them to use it with Launchpad.


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